What our customers have to say about paintless dent repair or dent removal. We’d love to hear your feedback!

12/15/2014 – “I called Dent Dogs this morning after finding a small but very upsetting parking lot dent in my right front fender of my new Suburban LTZ. Chad was able to help me this very afternoon in a most professional manner and in a very short amount of time. On first approaching my car, he pointed to a dent in my left front fender, thinking that was the one I needed repaired. In actuality, the dent must’ve just occurred while parked at the grocery store this morning, and I had not even noticed it yet! Chad was able to repair both dents, and amazingly the dents are totally undetectable. Thanks so much, Chad and Dent Dogs!” – S. Casper

08/25/2014 – “I have a very nasty sharp dent on my fairly new Mercedes and I been told that there is no way of fixing it without spending $300 plus to repaint the dent. However, I took it to chad and he worked his magic and made the dent barely noticeable for less than half the price. Chad is very talented and honest guy. Would go back anytime I get more dent in the future” – Zi You C. via Yelp

08/06/2014 – “Unbelievable service. I was just calling to get some quotes and found out they are mobile techs. They were out at my office in less than 2 hours and performed work that was beyond all expectations. I had several dents in my BMW from swinging doors and they got them all out! Car looks amazing again and very affordable…. even tipped them. Everyone at my office took a picture of their business card and complimented their work. These guys were utmost professional and I would not use anyone else anywhere from now on. I’m sold on Dent Dogs!” – JM. via Yelp

05/20/2014 – “First, I want to add that they are mobile. Their work is above excellent. I got hit and run by someone-I-don’t-know. No paint scratch. The price was affordable. The area was like new again. I would recommend them to everyone before they go to bodyshop.” – Leo T. via Yelp

03/19/2014 – “These GUYS are GREAT to work with and GREAT at what they do! Give them a call and they will make you happy too!!!!!!” – Kathy F. via Yelp

2/18/2014 – “These guys are incredible. Not only do they do a great job but they do it for an incredible price as well. And they come to you if you need. I can’t recommend enough.” – Vik S. via Yelp

2/16/2014 – “A++!! Chad was very knowledgable and professional. His work was awesome and it saved me a lot of $$$! He even removed a football sized crease on my passenger rear quarter panel!” – Wii N. via Yelp

1/14/2014 – “Can’t recommend Dent Dogs highly enough, as these guys saved me time, money, and grief on a process that’s very rarely pleasant. While I hope I won’t need their services any time soon, I know who I’ll be calling if I need dent repair again in the future.” – Martin W. via Yelp

“01/10/2014 – We set up an appointment for Monday. He then called me today and asked if I wanted to speed it up and have it done today. They came out right away.” – Eve F. via Yelp

“12/12/2013 – Chad is awesome! He fixed the ding on my wife’s car after I backed into it with my truck. “ – Chris M. via Email